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Terms of Use - Using My Photos & Copyright Information

By having me photograph at your event/venue or by having your photo taken you are agreeing in full to the terms laid out on this page. You are also agreeing to have the photo/s published on this website and Facebook. I will not be held responsible for distress caused by acts of infidelity or work related absenteeism. Any such instances are 100% the responsibility of the persons involved.

You may not publish my photos, in any media - including online, except on your events website 'gallery', personal website or Social Networking (Facebook..etc) page, with a link to this site. Promoters of an event cannot use any images for their own promotions unless otherwise arranged.

If you are a non-profit organisation then all I ask for is to be contacted, a link provided to the website they will be shown on and for my name and website to be credited at the time of posting.

Unauthorised Use

If you are found to be using any of my photos without permission, you will be sent an invoice for the use of the photo/s. Failure to pay this first invoice will see a second invoice sent, after the given time period, with additional 'unauthorised use' charges added. This is fixed at £100 for online use and £200 for batch print use. Failure to then pay that invoice will see Small Claims Court proceedings started.

The copyright of all images on this site, regardless of the presence of watermarking, lies and remains with Chris Fox, the photographer.

Purchasing a photo

If you wish to purchase a license to publish or print a photograph - or use it for any other editorial purposes, on and offline, please contact Chris Fox where rates can be discussed.